Transpanish's rates are the most competitive in the industry.

Spanish Translation ratesThanks to a completely internet-based structure and our network of freelance Spanish Translators, our services fees are reduced to a minimum and we are therefore able to offer our translation services at prices which are currently amongst the lowest in the market.

Calculating translation costs

Our translation rates are based on factors such as:

Amount of words: Our translations are charged based on the number of words in the source text. Proofreading is priced based on the number of words in the document to be proofread. This way, you will always know how much you will be charged for the translation job in advance. If your document is on paper or scanned and we cannot count the words electronically, we will price the job based on the quantity of words in the final document, or the number of pages of the source document. The costs for Desktop Publishing Services and Certified Translations are usually estimated based on the number of pages in the source document.

Complexity of the subject matter: The level of difficulty of each document is important when determining a translation fee. For example, a general text cost less than a legal contract.

Time required to deliver the translation: We are usually able to translate about 1500-2000 words per day and proofread about 2500-4000 per day. Extra time will be needed if your project requires Desktop Publishing services. We work closely with our customers and English-Spanish Translators to make sure that the translations are delivered within a reasonable time frame. Prices for rush translations are typically 30% above the normal rates.

Target and Source Language: A source language refers to the language being translated from and the target language is the language being translated to. For instance, if your document is in Spanish and you need an English translation, then the source language is Spanish and the target language is English. Our translation rates for Spanish translations are lower than for English translations.


We offer discounts for English to Spanish Translations depending on the kind of material to be translated, and its final usage.
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We offer discounts for First-Time Clients. Discounts vary every month.
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Spanish translation rate


How Much Does a Translation Cost?

Translation CostAs the most common question that a person looking for a translation provider has, it sounds deceptively simple. How much a translation costs is the first and sometimes most important piece of information that a potential client wants to know. However, this can only be determined by a translation provider after taking into consideration a few different factors, which we’ll discuss here.

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