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Medical TranslationsThe medical field is rife with jargon, specific medical terminology, and complicated language. That is why, when looking for a Spanish translation agency to provide you with English-Spanish medical translations, it’s wise to work with an agency that only contracts professional Spanish translators with specialized medical knowledge

Transpanish offers professional quality, affordable English-Spanish medical translations for medical reports, doctor reports, medical transcriptions, patient histories, or pharmaceutical information.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations require precision and accuracy as the information contained within medical documents can truly mean the difference between life or death. Working with Transpanish will ensure that your documents are translated carefully and accurately, no matter if you need a one page invoice or a multi-page clinical study translated.

We work with medical clinics, hospitals, and other health care providers as well as insurance companies and individuals who need their medical information translated.

Experienced Medical Translators

Our clients demand the highest level of professionalism, and Transpanish is pleased to be able to deliver it. We provide you with high quality translations because our translators are not only extremely skilled at rendering Spanish documents into English and vice versa, but also because they have a deep knowledge of the specialized medical field.

You should never expect a translator who had never worked in the medical field to produce an English-Spanish translation for you. Our English-Spanish Translators are native speakers of the target language and are experts in medical translations.

We will also match your medical translation project to a translator with knowledge of that specific field, be it anesthesia, veterinary medicine, or neurosurgery. Your English or Spanish medical translation will be translated into neutral Spanish so that it can be understand by the widest possible audience, unless otherwise requested.

We also use translation memory software as a tool to ensure continuity with an English-Spanish medical translation or across various documents. This is especially important in assuring precision of terminology and phrasing in highly specific medical documents.

With a wealth of medical translation experience and a dedication to harnessing all possible resources in the translation process, Transpanish is the logical choice for your English-Spanish medical translations.

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Some of the Medical Documents we Translate:

  • Medical Communications
  • Medical Brochures
  • Drug Package Inserts
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Directions for Use (DFU)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Journal Articles
  • Patient Education Translation
  • Research Reports
  • Hospital and Insurance Reports
  • Medical Questionnaires
  • Marketing Material for the Industry
  • Medical Transcriptions Translation


How do you find the perfect Spanish Translator?

Finding the perfect translatorFinding someone to translate from or to Spanish won’t be a difficult task. There are plenty of people willing to offer their services in this area. However, finding the perfect Spanish translator, finding someone who is actually going to do a good job, is not so easy and there are many pitfalls that the inexperienced in this field can fall into... Continue reading.

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