English-Spanish Health Care Translations

Health Care TranslationsAs a health care provider, working with Transpanish’s translation agency will ensure that you can supply your customers with health care information in their native language whether you serve Spanish-speakers in the U.S. or English-speakers abroad.

Our team will translate your documents into Spanish or English, depending on your clientele’s needs, alleviating some of the tension that many feel when they need to deal with health care information.

Transpanish understands that clients in the health care industry are deeply concerned about the patients they serve, and we bring our knowledge to every Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation we do for our clients.

Professional Health Care Translators

At Transpanish, we are committed to producing translations that reproduce the source document’s language with 100% accuracy. Our language experts know that there is no margin for error when translating health care information, and that is why we only have native speaking translators with an intimate understanding of health care terminology work on health care translations. We bring to each project an understanding of the cultural background and expectations of those who will receive your translated document.

We strive to provide you with Spanish translations at a convenient price without compromising the quality of the translation. We use the most current translation memory software with a rigorous proofing process which allows us to produce translations that are consistent and error-free. Our translation memory tools are not used to take translation shortcuts, but to ensure that the terminology is consistent throughout the Spanish or English translation. Translation memory software also enables us to create health care glossaries for customers who take pride in providing a continuum of service for their Spanish or English-speaking clients.

Some of the Health Care Documents we translate:

  • Medical Records
  • Hospital Procedures
  • Hospital Policies
  • Consent Forms
  • Physician Correspondence
  • Educational literature


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Our glossaries:

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Communicating for Life: The Language Barrier in Health Care

Communicating for LifeA recent study conducted by a team of researchers at Northwestern University found that non-English speaking Latinas in the US are less likely to receive an epidural during the birth of their first child than English-speaking Latinas and non-Hispanic patients. The language barrier that these women experience in the delivery room, for example, actually prevents them from knowing what their options are and making an informed decision regarding their health care. Continue reading.


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