How can you lower your translation costs?

Save money on translation costs

Everybody who has ever needed to translate a document knows that translation costs can be expensive. There are several ways in which you can make your translation cheaper. In this article, we discuss tactics that can help you lower your quote by a good margin. All translation buyers can adhere to the following tips, and cut costs

: The cheapest format is a plain text. If you have resources for formatting your document, email a Word document as formatting will need DTP and costs more. By doing so, you can now get the translation done for cheap and then format it the way you want.

Target audience
: Instead of opting to translate your document for a specific audience, you can choose to translate it to reach a broader audience, by translating it to Neutral Spanish. By doing so, you can even pay less for your translation as it takes longer to search for a translators for a specific audience. Care has to be taken to make sure that when translating to Neutral Spanish terms that are easily understood by any Spanish speaker are used.

Certified Translation
: It is highly recommended that you only request for a certified and/or notarized translation only if you have to present the translation to an institution or organization that requires a certified translation as the translation will be more expensive. We do provide a Certificate of Accuracy without an extra fee applied to Certified Translations but this service is available only by fax.

Turnaround time
: Urgent translations are charged higher. Provide time for the translation to be completed in order to avoid the extra cost charged for an urgent translation.

: We offer 15% discount if your document has more than 15,000 words. If you need large documents to be translated, try to send them all together for the quote, as that will entitle you to a discount. If you require translations to be done on a monthly basis, we can also set up an account for you and offer you a reasonable discount.

By following these tips, you can be sure to save a good deal and at the same time get your translation done in an efficient and reliable manner.


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