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Transpanish, a translation company with more than 10 years in the translation business, offers translation services to companies wanting to successfully enter the global economy, conquer new markets and improve communication with their clients. Our Spanish translation company serves clients from all over the world including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, multinational and nonprofit organizations in almost every major industry.

10 years' experience - translation

The company owes its success to its team of highly-skilled professional English and Spanish translators that is always willing to walk that extra mile for our customers. We work with sworn and certified translators that have translated millions of words from and to Spanish.

We are an active member of the New York Circle of Translators. TransPortuguese, our Portuguese Language Division, is dedicated to providing professional Portuguese translations.

Transpanish also runs one blog in English and one in Spanish touching on topics related to the translation industry. The blogs include information and articles about issues and news related to languages and Spanish translations which help inform clients in order to make an educated decision when choosing a Spanish translation provider. Translators and students will also find useful articles and links to resources on the translation industry.


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How to Identify a Good Translation

Identify good translationMany people mistakenly believe that being bilingual is all it takes to offer a good translation. As a result, people often ask a friend or relative who has studied a foreign language for four or five years in High School to translate a document for them. However, translating can be considered an art and it is much more than a simple word by word exchange. What makes a good translation?

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